Health Plan Member Experience Transformation
Thematic Report

28 Jul 2021
by Abhishek Singh, Chunky Satija, Priya Sahni

For a very long time, the healthcare industry has overlooked the experience of its consumers, who are now demanding an experience similar to industries such as retail or banking. Realizing this growing need, consumer experience has become an executive-level priority in the last couple of years, with most healthcare leaders agreeing that they are in the business of selling an experience and not a product. To address this need, healthcare payers are investing in consumer experience technologies that can help them acquire and retain consumers by making an impact on every aspect of the consumer journey. Improved member experience is a win-win solution for members as well as payers, as it can improve payer finances, reduce administrative costs, and enhance the quality of care.

In this research, we deep dive into the rise of customer experience solutions, analyze the different kinds of offerings, and compare platforms available in the market based on their ability to meet payer needs.


  • Industry: healthcare
  • Geography: global


In this research, we focus on:

  • The focus on member experience
  • Evolution of member experience solutions
  • Key vendor landscape

Membership (s)

Healthcare Payer and Provider Information Technology

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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