Governance Mechanisms and KPIs for Evolving GBS Organizations

27 Jan 2021
by Rohitashwa Aggarwal, Kunal Anand

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Over the years, GBS organizations have matured and evolved from cost centers and internal service providers to more strategic entities, driving business impact beyond cost arbitrage for the parent. As GBS organizations evolve, SLAs and KPIs to measure and monitor centers’ effectiveness also need to evolve.

This accelerator looks at GBS organizations and the impact they deliver, prevalent center-level performance metrics, and different performance governance mechanisms for high-value roles within GBS centers. It also highlights best practices to drive the successful implementation of performance metrics within GBS organizations.


  • All industries and geographies
  • Services: IT and business process services


  • Evolving role of GBS organizations and their impact
  • Prevalent GBS center-level performance metrics and their adoption within GBS organizations
  • Different performance governance mechanisms for CoEs/high-value teams in maturing GBS organizations
  • Examples of high-value roles and new KPIs for performance measurement
  • Best practices to drive the successful implementation of performance metrics

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