Digital Services State of the Market Report 2021: Fostering Value through Rearchitecting Change Management
State of the Market Report

13 Apr 2021
by Nitish Mittal, Alisha Mittal, Nisha Krishan, Taranvir Singh

Recently, enterprises have invested significantly in digital transformation in the interests of business continuity and to develop resilience. These efforts characterized by increased and scaled adoption of next-generation technologies within one or more functions to achieve operational efficiency, enhance stakeholder experience, reduce costs, and achieve business innovation. However, in achieving these transformations, enterprises often neglect the underpinning levers that decide the success of such disruptive organizational changes, resulting in a widening gap between anticipated and realized returns.

To achieve timely and intended outcomes, enterprises must traverse a journey parallel to that of technology, covering people, process, culture and structure, to manage the changes brought by digital transformation effectively. As Organizational Change Management (OCM) becomes a mature ask, enterprises should partner with service providers and change-management consultants to curate strategies and assessment frameworks, obtain hand-holding support for execution, and engage with key stakeholders in a targeted manner.

In this report, we study enterprises’ OCM journey and define a framework that enterprises can leverage to build and assess the effectiveness of their existing change-management strategies.


All industries and geographies


This report offers a detailed analysis of different digital transformation operating models and the parameters that govern them. In the study, we:

  • Analyze the digital services landscape by geography, industry, and technology and assess the digital maturity of enterprises
  • Examine the key investments made by enterprises within digital services
  • Highlight notable technologies
  • Define a comprehensive organizational change-management framework that can be followed by enterprises to realize expected outcomes from their digital transformation initiatives
  • Suggest key considerations for enterprises and service providers


Digital Services

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