Cloud-native Application Services – the Cloud-native Juggernaut is Rolling; Be Mindful of Pitfalls
State of the Market Report

29 Jan 2021
by Yugal Joshi, Ankit Gupta

Organizations are leveraging cloud-native application development techniques to improve software development, with focus on development quality, deployment frequency, and quality of software releases, to better align with business objectives. Cloud-native principles have improved the experience of both application end users and application developers. While from a portfolio standpoint, enterprises' application landscape continues to be dominated by monolithic and legacy systems, new applications are increasingly being built on cloud-native principles. Such applications are helping enterprises respond to customer needs and changing business scenarios more efficiently and quickly.

This report will help enterprises understand adoption across peers and potential pitfalls in their cloud-native journeys, while recommending key steps that can make them future-ready. The research also captures trends around cloud-native application adoption, preferred cloud platforms, prevalent commercial constructs, and industry-specific use cases across enterprises.


Industry: cloud-native application services

Sources: data from Everest Group’s annual RFI process for 2020, interactions with leading cloud-native application service providers, client reference checks, and a detailed analysis of the cloud-native application services market


This research analyzes the evolving dynamics of the cloud-native application services market, including enterprise demand themes, consumption patterns, and evolving priorities. We have also studied certain areas that need enterprise attention and key tenets responsible for the successful execution of application strategy.


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