Disruption in IT Staffing

5 May 2021
by Arkadev Basak, Priyanka Mitra, Karneek Patel

As enterprises continue on their modernization and digital transformation journeys, talent will be key to helping them achieve the desired IT transformation. Enterprises should turn to specialized staffing providers to source next-generation IT talent.

This research explores the evolution of the IT talent market due to external market factors and the need for staffing providers to be agile and proactive in reformulating their strategies to address the demand for next-generation IT talent and future-proof their growth.


  • Domain: contingent staffing
  • All industries and geographies


The report is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the evolution of the IT talent market and looks at:

  • Rapidly changing definitions of IT roles and factors driving this change
  • The mismatch between academic curriculum and industry needs
  • Enterprises’ unmet needs

The second part of the report recommends how staffing providers can rise up to the challenge to meet the evolving enterprise demands by:

  • Building skills taxonomies of the future
  • Conducting demand forecasting and gap assessment
  • Undertaking alternative talent sourcing strategies
  • Upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling


Contingent Workforce Management

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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