Tech Bytes for Business Leaders: Containers

6 Aug 2021
by Mukesh Ranjan, Udit Singh

Among all emerging technologies, containers have garnered the highest enterprise mindshare, as they redefine how applications are developed, deployed, run, and managed. Irrespective of whether containers are deployed on the cloud or on-premise, containers can fundamentally alter how enterprises operate and deliver value to their customers. In fact, a recent Everest Group survey of the CIOs of 169 enterprises estimates that more than 60% of enterprises are already leveraging containers to develop and deploy applications in some form.

Despite containers being high on popularity for the last six years, we observe significant confusion around containers in the market. Many enterprises are misled into adopting container solutions as a panacea for all IT infrastructure challenges. As enterprises jump on the containerization bandwagon, they need to consider various factors, such as business case, current IT environment, application compatibility, business benefits, talent base, and their organizational culture for a good fit.

In this viewpoint, we explore the benefits and limitations of the container technology, as well as debunk prevailing container-related myths, which misguide enterprises by providing inaccurate or ambiguous information and can potentially derail their transformation initiatives.


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In this viewpoint, we:

  • Explore the basics of containers
  • Debunk container myths
  • Recommend a roadmap for CXOs to scale container adoption


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