Ceridian Acquires Ascender
Breaking Viewpoint

22 Feb 2021
by Anil Vijayan, Priyanka Mitra, Ravjot Sachdeva

Ceridian – a global HCM provider – announced its intent to acquire Ascender – a payroll and HCM provider with roots in Asia Pacific (APAC). Ceridian is not new to acquisitions. It has been expanding its payroll and HCM business for several years through a largely inorganic strategy.

Ceridian’s acquisition of Ascender puts it on the path to becoming a global giant with strong North American and APAC presence. It is expected to further intensify competition in the market. Furthermore, it will create value in the APAC payroll and HCM market by allowing buyers access to a global payroll and HCM provider with grassroot presence across multiple continents.


Industries: Payroll and HCM

Geography: global


In this paper, we:

  • Outline the synergies between the two providers
  • Understand the acquisition’s implications on the market


Human Resources

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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