Learning Services State of the Market Report – Reimagining Learning in the New Reality
State of the Market Report

12 Nov 2021
by Priyanka Mitra

The learning services market is undergoing a significant transformation, which is expected to continue over the next few years, due to pandemic-induced challenges, a changing workforce, and the rapid pace of technology adoption. There is an increasing need to integrate learning with closely aligned talent management functions, such as recruitment and performance management, to devise a right-fit and future-proof learning strategy.

While the learning services market took a hit in terms of YoY growth in 2020, learning services are increasingly expected to be included in large multi-tower deals after 2021, as the demand for digitized learning solutions, customized learning content, and delivery strategy aligned with the broader business strategy becomes increasingly important for organizations.

In this report, we analyze the trends, drivers, and key investment themes of the learning services market. We focus on:

  • Key changes that have had an impact on talent management
  • Service providers’ response to those changes and the key investment themes in the market
  • Market analysis by industry, geography, and key adoption trends among enterprises


  • Deals in which learning/training has necessarily been outsourced
  • All industries and geographies


This report provides comprehensive coverage of the learning services market and analyzes it across dimensions such as market overview, buyer adoption trends, solutions and transaction trends, and the service provider landscape.


Human Resources

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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