Conversational AI – State of the Market Report 2021
State of the Market Report

20 Oct 2021
by Anil Vijayan, Sharang Sharma, Akash Munjal, Anubhav Das

The global conversational AI market was valued at US$700-750 million at the end of 2020, exhibiting a strong growth rate of 28-33% in 2019-20. Conversational AI is one of the key enablers of front-office automation. Businesses globally are realizing the importance of conversational AI solutions to serve customers across channels, meet enterprise expectations, especially during peak demand, and support internal processes such as HR support, IT helpdesk, sales, F&A, and marketing. 

Increasing sophistication of technology, along with successful pilots, are driving the popularity of these solutions. As the impact of conversational AI platforms increases, it becomes crucial for enterprises to select solutions that do not only meet their present objectives, but also accommodate future demands. 


All industries and geographies


In this report, we study:

  • The conversational AI journey and ecosystem in contact centers
  • Benefits of adopting conversational AI, different adoption paths, and key differentiating features
  • Market overview and adoption trends
  • Solution characteristics
  • Vendor landscape
  • Barriers to adoption and best practices
  • Outlook for 2021-22


Customer Experience Management (CXM) Services, including Contact Center Outsourcing

Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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