The Aftermath of COVID-19: Customer Experience Management (CXM) State of the Market Report 2022
State of the Market Report

18 Oct 2021
by Shirley Hung, David Rickard, Sharang Sharma, Chhandak Biswas, Anubhav Das

COVID-19 has driven renewed enterprise vigor to improve customer experience. While some enterprises bore the brunt of the pandemic-induced lockdowns, others discovered innovative ways to serve their customer base. In this report, we examine the pandemic’s impact on the CXM market, aspects steering market growth, changes in the service delivery model, and outlook for the WAHA-based service delivery model. We also study differentiating factors for service providers, key investment themes, strategic partnerships, and major acquisitions in the CXM market.


All industries and geographies


In this study, we present:

  • A retrospective outlook on the pandemic’s impact on CXM outsourcing
  • Adoption trends in the CXM market in 2020
  • Emergence of digital CXM and its growing importance for service providers and enterprise buyers
  • Changes in the service delivery model, including evolving delivery locations and the future of the WAHA-based service delivery model
  • Changes in the competitive landscape in the aftermath of the pandemic
  • Deal trends in the CXM market and key takeaways


Customer Experience Management (CXM) Services, including Contact Center Outsourcing

Sourcing and Vendor Management


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