Opportunities in Services Category Management

18 Nov 2020
by Amy Fong, Bhanushee Malhotra

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For most companies, services spend is a significant portion of third-party costs, yet often procurement capabilities are focused on direct and indirect materials. According to our research, a majority of procurement organizations can better manage their indirect services spend to maximize value. Only a few best-in-class enterprises have been able to drive superior costs and operational and business outcomes by better managing their services categories by following best practices in technology, governance, category management, and talent. In this executive brief, Everest Group shares the best practices that Pinnacle Enterprises™ follow when managing services categories.


All industries and geographies

Categories: indirect services categories including IT and telecom, engineering and industry-specific services, contingent workforce, professional services, facilities, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), HR, marketing and sales, and legal services


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