Navigating COVID-19 in Outsourcing: Steps to Ensuring Near-Term Service Continuity

25 Mar 2020
by Jimit Arora

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The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has tested the business continuity plans of enterprises and service providers alike and presents a potential force majeure event.

While many enterprises have started service continuity conversations with their outsourcing providers, there remains a lot of uncertainty and questions surrounding the enablement of remote working / work-from-home (WFH).

This Executive Brief (a part of Everest Group’s COVID-19 Preparedness Series) outlines near-term considerations for sourcing & vendor management executives seeking to ensure service continuity with their outsourced providers.

Note: Everest Group publishes executive briefs for senior executives from enterprises. These briefs address hot industry topics and particularly challenging issues of the day in an easy to digest format.


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