The Future of Data 6 Jan 2020
The Future of Data

6 Jan 2020
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Vishal Gupta, Ankit Gupta, Prasun Dey

In recent years, technology has evolved exponentially to offer hitherto unimaginable opportunities. The accelerating pace of change makes innovation far more accessible and scalable. At the heart of this change lies data and information. Organizations have gained tremendous confidence in data’s ability to transform their processes and interactions with different stakeholders, including the society and government. Based on this confidence, and, as suggested by a recent Everest Group survey, 72% of enterprises have forecasted double-digit growth in spending on their data and analytics initiatives.

At the same time, technology does not provide answers to how businesses, governments, and the society at large must adapt to succeed in a data-driven future. Such a future will be governed by how technology is built and consumed, the business models that subsequently emerge, organizational changes as the relationship between business and technology gets blurred, and how societies, governments, and businesses redesign the social contract between themselves. This viewpoint helps the reader understand emerging technologies, evolving business models, organizational changes, and transforming social contracts, driven by the pursuit of a data-driven future.


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