Digital Engineering: An Opportunity Unparalleled

14 Feb 2020
by Akshat Vaid, Anish Agarwal

Digital engineering encompasses two broad areas: the engineering behind digital products (products that are intelligent, connected, and personalized) and the leverage of digital technologies (such as IoT, 5G, robotics, AI/ML, mobility, cloud, automation, data & analytics, blockchain, and AR/VR) for engineering processes. The share of digital engineering in overall business Engineering Research & Development (ER&D) spend was estimated at 26% in 2019, experiencing a significant 10% growth over 2018 compared to traditional engineering spend, which grew at about 3%.

Our recently released report reveals that the digital engineering market reflects the continued growth and interest that the sector has drawn globally, so much so that digital engineering has become the prime priority for enterprises across industries, with a significant proportion of global ER&D spend allocated for the creation of intelligent, connected, and personalized products. In parallel, the leverage of modern technology in core engineering processes has also been on the rise. Verticals that have experienced the highest adoption of digital engineering in recent years include automotive, health tech, and industrials.

India is a leading location for delivering digital engineering services, with the country eyeing an aggressive US$100 billion share in the ER&D global sourcing market spend by 2025.


This report analyses global delivery of digital engineering services across industry verticals, with a focus on India as a delivery location. It also provides a detailed assessment of the global sourcing landscape, a deep dive into various digital engineering segments, and an evaluation of India’s digital engineering potential.


The report is divided into four broad sections:

Digital engineering market landscape: Definition of digital engineering and overall market landscape in terms of market size, growth, share by key vertical, and impact of digital on ER&D across industries

Assessment of digital engineering verticals: Comparison of various digital engineering verticals and deep dive into the top verticals in terms of opportunities, key trends and drivers, industry examples, enterprise priorities, and implications for industry stakeholders

India as a leading location for global delivery of digital engineering: India’s digital engineering potential and details on delivery of digital engineering services from India, India’s share in the global sourcing digital engineering market, key strengths enabling India supported by case studies, and the outlook for India for 2025

Need to strengthen the fundamental enablers of digital engineering in India: Enabling initiatives that India should undertake to establish itself as a location of choice for delivering digital engineering


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