Building a Lean, Resilient, and Agile Organization through a Continuous Process Optimization (CPO) Solution

4 Sep 2020
by Amardeep Modi, Harpreet Kaur Makan

Enterprises are under tremendous pressure to keep pace with evolving customer expectations, intensifying competition, the need to improve employee experience, and regulatory compliance. This pressure has been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exposed business continuity challenges with legacy business models that rely heavily on manual operations. It is amply clear that organizations that were ahead in their digital transformation journeys were quicker to respond to the disruption caused by the pandemic. Consequently, the need to become a digital-first business with lean, agile, and resilient operations has become the need of the hour.

In this paper, we present a Continuous Process Optimization (CPO) solution that is critical to successfully driving and accelerating this change. The solution combines various next-generation digital levers to accelerate the process of discovering, analyzing, streamlining, optimizing, and automating existing business processes, as well as monitoring them on an ongoing basis to drive continuous process improvement, enhance operational efficiencies and quality, improve value chain flexibility, and ensure business continuity.

As enterprises look for new ways to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and build future-proof operations, it is vital for them to invest in a CPO solution that facilitates continuous improvements to deliver sustainable business advantage.


  • Industry: all
  • Geography: global


In this paper, we study:

  • Drivers for change to lean, resilient, and agile operations
  • The need for a CPO solution
  • Key constituents of a CPO solution and its business benefits
  • Use cases of a CPO solution
  • Key factors for successful execution


Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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