Africa: Emerging IT-BP Delivery Force

24 Jul 2020
by Parul Jain

In the last few years, global services delivery from Africa has experienced a significant uptick, largely driven by Africa’s emergence as the next low-cost location for small-scale Global Business Services (GBS) centers. This is driven by strong government support enabling global services delivery, increased services maturity, low market congestion, improving infrastructure capabilities, and a strong domestic market.

As enterprises prepare to evaluate this market, they will need to be cognizant of the key trade-offs and associated risks for operating in the region. This will require having a deeper view into the role of each country location in global delivery portfolios and understanding potential opportunities.

This report will help market players select the best-fit location to support their service delivery. It highlights the relative attractiveness and talent-cost proposition of key African locations for supporting global services delivery, based on a holistic and multi-faceted assessment covering 10+ parameters.


Geography: Africa

Industry: global services


  • This report provides detailed and relative assessment of 10 African locations from a global services delivery standpoint
  • It provides actionable insights based on an assessment of multiple parameters, including:
    • Africa global services market overview and key market trends
    • Role of country locations in global delivery portfolios
    • Domestic BPS market size
    • Talent and cost proposition
    • Risk dashboard across locations


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