Global Locations State of the Market 2020: Moving Forward in Turbulent Times | Locations PEAK Matrix®

31 Mar 2020
by Parul Jain, Surbhi Gupta, Sauban Nafees

While 2019 witnessed some changes in the relative positioning of the locations, going forward, we expect significant changes as players look to optimize their portfolios by expanding into nearshore markets. Across Asia Pacific, India and the Philippines maintained their ‘’leader’’ positions for specific English delivery functions; there is evidence of increasing preference towards leveraging tier-2/3 locations. Within Americas, Argentina and Costa Rica remained ‘’leaders’’ for bilingual BPS delivery and are also known for IT and contact center delivery. In Europe, Middle East and Africa, Poland continued to remain ‘’leader’’ for European languages BPS followed by Ireland

The Global Locations State of the Market Report 2020 describes the global services locations landscape and interprets locations-related developments and trends to design a best-fit locations portfolio strategy. The broader report has three parts – Key Trends Shaping the Landscape, Risk Watch and Locations PEAK Matrix®. It presents insights into market size and growth, global services exports by region and country, locations activity by region and country, and trends affecting global locations (changes in investment environment, key developments across the world, and changes in exposure to various risks). It also provides industry-leading comparison and analysis of key changes in the maturity, arbitrage, stability, and potential of global delivery locations (cities) through our PEAK Matrix™ assessment of locations.


Industry: global services

Geography: global


This part of the report includes the following topics:

  • Locations PEAK Matrix®: Objective, data-driven, and comparative assessment of locations specific to a market segment (function and process); key market segments in scope include:
    • Information Technology – Application Development and Maintenance (IT-ADM)
    • Contact center (English language)
    • Transactional Business Process Services (BPS)
    • Complex/judgment-intensive BPS
    • Bilingual (Spanish and English language) BPS
    • Multilingual (European languages) BPS
    • Analytics
    • Digital services
    • Engineering/R&D services
    • IT services in the US


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