Workforce Productivity: The Next Frontier in Improving Organizational Efficiency

26 Jun 2020
by Eric Simonson, Raghav Agarwal, Prashray Kala

Fast-evolving customer needs and increasing pressure on margins are driving enterprises to focus on agility, process efficiency, and precision. For decades, enterprises have leveraged offshoring, automation, and cost optimization to improve organizational efficiencies. As the benefits of these strategies become increasingly apparent, companies are shifting their attention toward workforce productivity as the next frontier to augment service delivery and drive organizational efficiencies.

This viewpoint highlights the need to include productivity in organizations’ executive agendas, with special emphasis on the diverse analytical tools that best-in-class players are currently deploying. These tools not only help monitor productivity, but also provide insights into workflows, work behavior patterns, skill gaps, and training efficacy, as well as help compare effectiveness across teams. Deep data insights from productivity tools are helping best-in-class organizations create strategies to promote best practices, take corrective actions, and assess new workforce models, particularly remote working. Productivity-related insights are enabling companies to unlock the full potential of human capital, including developing targeted talent acquisition and development strategies, structured outsourcing contracts, enhanced work-flow sequencing, and benchmarks of acceptable work patterns.


All industries and geographies

Organizations: enterprises, service providers, Global Business Services (GBS) centers


We study the following topics in this viewpoint:

  • The importance of measuring productivity for organizations
  • Productivity metrics to track
  • Productivity measurement platforms
  • A deep dive into two operating models to measure productivity
  • Key implications for market players



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