Corporate Functions Delivery from GBS Centers

30 Jul 2020
by Sakshi Garg, Shashwat Konar, Srishti Wahie

Many organizations have adopted the global sourcing model to deliver corporate functions such as Finance & Accounting (F&A), Human Resources (HR), procurement, legal, marketing, real estate, and Supply Chain Management (SCM). These functions have different levels of adoption maturity among the Global Business Services (GBS) model. F&A, which was one of the first corporate functions to be delivered through the GBS model, accounts for the highest share of delivery within the GBS model and has high adoption maturity, followed by HR and procurement. SCM and marketing are also growing.

This report explores the various aspects of GBS (in-house) delivery for corporate functions and discusses the drivers of GBS adoption, successful examples across key firms, and key locations typically leveraged for delivery. Additionally, it evaluates adoption maturity across various processes within each function and supplements these maturity ratings with targeted case studies.


All industries and geographies


This report has been designed as a compilation of independent profiles for the corporate functions of F&A, HR, procurement, legal, marketing, real estate, and SCM. Each profile offers the following:

  • Process map
  • Overview of the function
  • GBS adoption maturity
  • Vertical maturity
  • Delivery location landscape
  • Representative case studies




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