Internet of Things (IoT) Services – State of the Market Report 2020 | Driving Impact Beyond the Horizons of Operational Efficiency

31 Jul 2020
by Alisha Mittal, Arushi Pandey

Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the core components of an enterprise’s broader digital transformation efforts. Enterprises have been favoring large-scale IoT implementation to not just increase operational efficiencies, but also create new revenue opportunities and enhance user experience. With this in mind, enterprises are now looking to further optimize the impact they achieve from their IoT implementations.

Edge computing has emerged as one of the major enablers in this regard, and it is being used along with IoT to lower costs, reduce latency, and provide enhanced data security. As edge computing becomes an important part of IoT implementations, more and more processes are being moved to the edge and enterprises will have to take a new to accommodate this conflux of edge computing and IoT.

The next step would be to establish a connected ecosystem to address data Gathering, Analysis, and Protection (GAP) across enterprise boundaries. This would mean complete data sharing across the value chain and increased collaboration among stakeholders to drive common objectives.


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This research analyzes the current IoT landscape and presents a geographical, industrial, and technology-specific view of IoT adoption in the market. It also talks about the increasing significance of edge computing in IoT implementations and the need to adopt a new approach to maximize the impact delivered. Additionally, it offers a view into the future of IoT, which is open, collaborative, and intelligent, moving beyond connected enterprises to connected ecosystems.


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