Digital Services State of the Market Report 2020 | Digital Transformation: Triumph Beyond Technology Adoption

28 May 2020
by Nitish Mittal, Alisha Mittal, Arushi Pandey

In this era of digital existence, digital is no longer a tool for differentiation but a tool that enterprises must adopt to function and stay relevant. But, despite the shift, a significant proportion of enterprises have not experienced any substantial benefits relative to their digital investments. While most enterprises have successfully integrated technology and innovation, they struggle with cultural, governance, and change management issues, which hamper returns and outcomes. For successful digital transformation, enterprises need to rethink their strategies and adopt a digital operating model that, in addition to being built on a strong foundation of technology and talent, must prioritize governance, culture, and change management. They need to identify where they are falling short and make strategic investments to close the gaps.

This report offers insights into the overall digital services market and sheds light on the major trends impacting the application services market.


In this report, we analyze the digital services landscape by geography, industry, and technology and assess the digital maturity of enterprises as a whole.


This report offers a detailed analysis of different digital transformation operating models and the parameters that govern them.


Digital Services


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