Cloud-based Application Modernization

30 Jul 2020
by Alisha Mittal, Prasun Dey

Application modernization is at the heart of all digital transformation efforts. Enterprises are increasingly looking to modernize their application portfolios to digitalize their offerings, enhance user experience, and derive more value from existing applications. A recent Everest Group market study on application transformation services suggests that such initiatives are increasingly being led and driven by business executives. We also found that enterprises are pre-budgeting their expenses to fund these initiatives and are running these transformations in a planned way. However, only a handful of these transformation initiatives (~13%) have been able to achieve the intended business and operational objectives.

In this report, we discuss the key ways in which enterprises are modernizing their applications, describe the challenges preventing them from realizing the true potential of modernization, and share some best practices that have helped enterprises transform their businesses through application modernization initiatives.


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In this paper, we discuss:

  • Top enterprise objectives for application modernization
  • Key modernization strategies adopted by enterprises
  • Factors limiting enterprises from achieving the potential benefits of modernization
  • Best practices that have helped enterprises modernize their applications effectively
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