Application Transformation - Business Pioneering The Agenda

19 Feb 2020
by Yugal Joshi, Nitish Mittal, Abhishek Mundra, Uthra K

As enterprises are maturing digitally, they are becoming more focused in their spends to transform their technology landscape. Consequently, the objectives of such investments are becoming more aligned with businesses outcomes. Enterprises are demanding faster time-to-value, enhanced user experience, new revenue streams, and scalability through these transformations. While the objectives are clear, enterprises find it difficult to derive value due to lack of knowledge around their application portfolio and difficulty in training their employees to adopt new processes.

Service providers take up the critical task of chalking out the transformation roadmap for these enterprises and provide the necessary expertise through talent, technology solutions, and products to accelerate enterprises’ transformation journey. They are increasingly coming up with innovative funding models and change management strategies to instill confidence among enterprises and realize benefits sustainably.


In this report, we present a comprehensive analysis of the application transformation market. The report leverages data from Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2019, interactions with leading application transformation service providers, client reference checks, and an analysis of the application transformation services market.


This research analyzes the evolving dynamics of the application transformation market, including enterprise demand themes, consumption patterns, and evolving priorities. We also provide an easy-to-follow playbook to act as a starting point for enterprises to begin their transformation journeys.


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