Connected Workplace - The Next Experience Frontier

15 Jan 2020
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Udit Singh

The workplace construct is changing, and companies need to invest in relationships – both internal and external – to derive higher value today. The boundaries of the workplace are undergoing a metamorphosis, driven largely by changes in three areas:

  • Workforce demographics: The inclusion of millennials and gig workers in the workforce is creating a shift in stakeholder expectations – with stronger emphasis on flexibility, connectedness, ethics, and sustainability
  • Business models: Increasingly distributed models of business operations (remote working, shared offices, flexi-time, mobile working, etc.), are accompanied by an expectation of adaptable, seamless work experiences
  • Technology landscape: The technology landscape continues to evolve (immersive collaboration, AR/VR/MR, IoT/edge), with stakeholders expecting minimal lag in the introduction of consumerized experiences in professional environments

We are experiencing the emergence of the connected workplace – characterized by a steadfast focus on hyper-contextualized stakeholder experience in an increasingly blurred physical-digital workspace.


In this report we:

  • Explore workplace evolution and define the connected workplace concept
  • Establish experience as the focal point of the connected workplace design and explore business value principles
  • Explore use cases and technologies driving connected workplace adoption
  • Identify enterprise imperatives for a successful connected workplace strategy


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