Combating COVID-19 Through Infrastructure-led Transformation
State of the Market Report

24 Jul 2020
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Mukesh Ranjan

Enterprises are grappling with unprecedented challenges in the wake of the pandemic, including demand cuts, supply chain disruption, business and service continuity challenges, and cybersecurity risks, among others. The need of the hour is to identify relevant infrastructure transformation opportunities across workplace, cloud, network, and security. While infrastructure will play a key role in rescuing enterprises from this crisis, enterprises will have to take a holistic view and focus on evolving the services delivery model, seek efficiency and optimization measures, push forward modernization and digitalization initiatives, pivot to new business models, and invest in the talent of the future.

In this research, we share trends impacting the Cloud and Infrastructure Services (CIS) market and analyze aspects such as the cloud and infrastructure services market size, leading players, deal sizes, deal durations, and pricing. The report will help buyers understand key trends and manage their sourcing portfolios, while service providers will benefit from aligning their strategies to cater to these trends.


  • IT services market size (split across applications, consulting, infrastructure services, geographies, and industry verticals
  • IS buyer adoption trends across geographies, industry verticals, and revenue sizes
  • Key trends shaping the cloud and IS market (exploring the impact of COVID-19 on IT infrastructure services)
  • Outlook for 2020-21


Our annual research deep dives into the cloud and IS market, providing data-driven perspectives on the market at large. We evaluate cloud and IS adoption trends, demand drivers, and buyer expectations; analyze buyer challenges and market trends; and share an outlook for the broader IT and cloud and IS market for 2020-21.


Cloud & Infrastructure Services


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