Data & Analytics – Foundational Pillars of Efficient Services Procurement Management

14 Aug 2020
by Arkadev Basak, Krishna Charan

As contingent workforce continues to go mainstream, it is becoming increasingly important to identify efficient means of procuring services through Statements of Work (SOW). Services procurement spend can take different shapes and forms, and often enterprises struggle to efficiently procure and manage this complex spend. This paper explores how using the right set of technology tools, especially the right data and analytics, is vital for effective services procurement, as it helps combine talent-related aspects with procurement best practices.


Theme: role of data and analytics in services procurement management

Area: contingent workforce management

All industries and geographies


In this paper, we:

  • Explain services procurement and differentiate it from other procurement spend categories
  • Elaborate on how data can mitigate challenges with respect to services procurement management
  • Highlight the challenges associated with services procurement management and provide solutions to address these challenges
  • Discuss the implications for enterprises


Contingent Workforce Management Services


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