On-demand Payroll – a Disruptive Paradigm

11 Dec 2020
by Anil Vijayan, Sharath Hari N

The tradition of biweekly or monthly pay schedules has remained unchanged for decades in the payroll industry – payday arrives on the same time of the month for most employees. A significant proportion of the full-time workforce globally, however, lives from paycheck to paycheck and may not have access to the necessary funds to help pay for unforeseen expenses between paydays.

Further, the talent landscape is no longer at the cusp of change but well amid it. Employees are increasingly shying away from permanent jobs and looking for temporary jobs and gigs. Also, millennials and Gen Z now form a significant part of the global workforce. Together, these mark a significant change in the work model and employee expectations.

On-demand payroll is a revolutionary idea within payroll that can help address many present-day issues and needs. It gives employees the freedom to decide how and when they want to be paid and provides them a level of security should an unexpected expense arise. This study deep dives into on-demand payroll and talks about its various nuances. It will help enterprises understand the different on-demand payroll models, the vendor landscape, and the considerations while adopting a suitable model for themselves.


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This report deep dives into the following topics:

  • Key drivers to rethink the payroll construct – the changing talent landscape, need for financial well-being, and the limitations of current payroll systems
  • Benefits of on-demand pay, and the potential for its enterprise adoption
  • Types of on-demand payroll and their pros and cons
  • Top on-demand payroll vendors
  • Important considerations for enterprises looking to adopt on-demand payroll

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