Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) – State of the Market Report 2021
State of the Market

22 Oct 2020
by Anil Vijayan, Sharath Hari N, Rachita Mehrishi

Enterprises face various challenges in generating sufficient RoI from their technology investments due to difficulty in onboarding/training users, poor adoption rates, and sub-par user experience. Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) can successfully address this gap, drive up adoption, and provide superior user experience. While enterprises are looking to enhance training and application adoption from an employee/partner perspective, product companies (e.g., SaaS products and independent software vendors) are trying to provide better customer experience. This becomes increasingly relevant amid the current pandemic, and also in a post-pandemic scenario, when there would a ubiquitous need to provide remote training and support experiences.

The DAP market is growing at a significant rate, as an increasing number of enterprises realize the urgency to reap benefits from their digital initiatives. The market is also evolving rapidly, with DAP vendors exploring newer technologies that can further enhance existing capabilities. This report provides a detailed analysis of the DAP market and also provides examples of enterprises that have adopted DAPs to address some of the key challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.


  • All geographies and industries
  • DAPs sold on license, irrespective of any ongoing business or IT process outsourcing or managed services
  • We have analyzed the following technology vendors as part of this report: AppLearn, AppNavi, Apty, HelpHero, Helppier, JumpSeat, MyGuide by EdCast, Newired, Pointzi, Userlane, WalkMe, Whatfix, YesElf, and Ziplyne


This report provides comprehensive coverage of the DAP market and analyzes it across the following dimensions:


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