Clinical and Care Management (CCM): Is the Value-based Elixir Really Working?

24 Jan 2020
by Manu Aggarwal, Naman Sharma, Abhinav Aggarwal

Healthcare enterprises are facing rising costs, increasing consumerism , and regulatory push toward value-based care. As a result, these enterprises are looking beyond the administrative processes of claims and network management, to reduce the cost of healthcare and provide better care. Additionally, the recent growth in care-focused collaboration models, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and alternative payment models (reimbursements linked to value), is making the enterprises shift their focus towards care management.

However, despite the increased focus on care management, clinical and care market is unstructured and lacks standardization when compared with other healthcare processes such as claims, network and RCM. This, coupled with other challenges such as talent shortage and limited technology deployment, is pushing enterprises to seek third-party help.

In order to effectively tackle challenges associated with Clinical and Care Management (CCM), enterprises are looking for third-party support. In the absence of a structured and established market, enterprises find it difficult to meet their sourcing needs from one single vendor. Different categories of vendors are, hence, emerging; each with its unique value proposition.


  • Industry: CCM Operations Services
  • Geography: Global


In this research, we analyze the CCM market across the following dimensions:
  • Drivers behind high CCM demand
  • Key sourcing considerations for CCM enterprises
  • Key categories of vendors operating in the CCM market


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