Engineering Services Top 50 - 2020

29 Jun 2020

What is the Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50™?

The Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50™ is a global list of the 50 largest third-party providers, based on their Engineering Services (ES) revenues and year-on-year growth for CY 2019.

Note: Engineering services include all activities (across software, embedded, mechanical, and process engineering functions) that support the design, development, testing, and management of products, both hardware and software.

Why the Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50™?

The global third-party ES industry is valued at more than US$40 billion. Enterprises have traditionally kept the design-to-development process in-house, but the need for scalability and rapid innovation has compelled them to consider third-party providers. As a result, ES providers have grown, through both more and larger deals, expanding the industry breadth, solution breadth, and global footprint. They are developing domain expertise and gaining scale through IP engagements and acquisitions. And the market is becoming more favorable to engineering services providers as more high-end engineering services opportunities are being outsourced.

Engineering services providers are diverse. Some are pure-play engineering services providers, while others offer engineering services as part of a broader portfolio (IT and/or business process services, consulting, technology products, etc.). Some are focused on a particular domain or geography, while others are broad-based. Some are listed, while others are privately held.

This list helps enterprises to identify the largest providers and their functional coverage. It also helps ES service providers to compare themselves against others in the industry.

How is the Everest Group Engineering Services Top 50™ determined?

There are two distinct steps involved in determining the Top 50:

  • (1) Qualification – only the 50 largest service providers, based on their Calendar Year (CY) 2019 ES revenue, qualify for the Engineering Services Top 50 assessment
  • (2) Rank determination – service providers are ranked on the basis of their CY 2019 ES revenue and year-on-year growth. Growth has two sub-parameters: absolute growth (measured as change in ES revenue in US$ million) and percentage growth (measured as percentage change in ES revenue)