Marketing BPS State of the Market 2021
State of the Market

24 Dec 2020
by Rajesh Ranjan, Manu Aggarwal, Aniruddha Kulkarni, Aseem Nousher

Organizations are shifting focus from traditional marketing models to digital and data-driven marketing. This shift, caused by the global digital disruption, has created a new market with multiple service providers emerging and attempting to capture market share through innovative approaches. While enterprises primarily look for cost reduction in their marketing portfolio, service providers are tested on their capabilities in building marketing intelligence, omnichannel marketing, and content customization for diverse audiences.

However, COVID-19 has brought about another major disruption, resulting in falling demand, and slashing of marketing budgets. Marketers are now compelled to adopt new strategies to address the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

This research provides comprehensive coverage of the 2019 marketing BPS market and analyses it across various aspects, such as the impact of COVID-19 and adoption trends among buyers, and the various categories of service providers emerging in the market.


This report analyzes and draws insights from active marketing BPS deals in 2019 – across geographies and industries.


In this report, we focus on:

  • Evolving marketing BPS themes: CMO priorities and implications for marketing operations
  • Market overview
  • Buyer adoption trends
  • Service provider landscape

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