Charting the Skilling Journey to Build the IT Services Talent of Tomorrow: Replacing the Commodity IT Services Role Definitions

28 Aug 2020
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Ronak Doshi, Nisha Krishan

IT roles and their definitions are evolving swiftly, driven by rapid technology advances and the need for stronger business orientation among IT teams. The expanse and nature of technical and non-technical competencies that constitute IT roles are undergoing a massive shift. Consequently, the roles of yesterday are redundant today, and the roles of today will be redundant tomorrow. The demand-supply gap for next-generation IT services skills has been a significant talking point for the IT industry over the past few years. Before the COVID-19 crisis, 58% of enterprises believed that they had insufficient internal resources to drive digital transformation programs. Following the pandemic, this proportion increased to 69% – with enterprises realizing that digital transformation is no longer a choice but a necessity, and that access to the right talent is key to executing the digital mandate.

The COVID-19 disruption is creating a new talent dynamic: while generic IT talent supply currently outstrips demand, the supply of talent for emerging roles remains constrained:

  • About 75% of enterprises believe that, despite the pandemic, there will still be a shortage of talent for key roles across next-generation IT and analytics
  • About 67% of enterprises believe that new skill gaps will emerge due to structural changes in businesses as a result of the current disruption
  • The pandemic provides enterprises an opportunity to take stock of their IT strategies and requirements, and correspondingly build a robust skilling program focusing on emerging IT roles


Industry: IT services

Geography: global


In this research, we propose a roadmap for enterprises to future-proof their talent strategies and create skilling journeys to build roles of the future. We study the following topics:

  • Key drivers of the rapid evolution of IT roles
  • The IT roles evolution continuum – roles of yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • The criticality of internal skilling programs for developing talent for the roles of tomorrow
  • A framework to design skilling journeys for the roles of tomorrow
  • Detailed skilling journeys for 14 roles of tomorrow

We have tracked 1,150+ hard skills across the IT services stack with respect to current and unmet industry demand. Enterprises can use this detailed skills taxonomy, along with our Talent Performance Framework, to plan their current and future talent requirements.



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