Practitioner Perspectives - The Role of Global Business Services in Innovation, Enabling Top-line Business Impact, and Growth in New Markets

27 Jan 2020
by H. Karthik

Over the last few years, the Global In-house Center (GIC) model has undergone significant change. GICs have evolved from low-cost providers of services to change agents – or catalysts – for global enterprises' back and middle office services, to deliver value beyond arbitrage and drive innovation for enterprises.

Societe Generale’s Global Solution Centre (SG GSC) is one such success story, with the center evolving over the past five years to become a strategic and value-adding partner for the over 150 year-old global bank. Today, SG GSC has full delivery ownership and end-to-end accountability for the services delivered, with a clear focus on driving outcomes. Additionally, as part of this transformation journey, SG GSC has set up a dedicated innovation Center of Excellence (CoE) to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives, leveraged the external innovation ecosystem (by collaborating with start-ups) to resolve enterprise challenges, and contributed to the bank’s top-line growth in new markets.


To learn about SG GSC’s innovation journey and its role in enabling top-line business impact and growth in new markets, Everest Group recently interviewed Sunil Shah, Global Head of Societe Generale’s Global Solution Centre for India and Romania.


In this edition of Everest Group’s Practitioner Perspectives, Sunil shares his insights and experience on:


  • SG GSC's innovation journey and key factors responsible for this rapid evolution
  • Key successful initiatives undertaken by SG GSC and the challenges overcome along the way
  • Critical success factors and enablers for SG GSC in this transformation journey
  • SG GSC’s role in enabling top-line growth for the enterprise in new markets
  • Cross-functional collaboration between SG GSC's IT and operations
  • Talent imperatives and future priorities for SG GSC




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