How to Drive Revenue Impact Through Global In-House Centers (GICs)

27 Jun 2019
by Parul Jain, Akshay Pandita

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Enterprises initially leveraged Global In-house Centers (GICs) to take advantage of labor cost arbitrage. Over the years, however, GICs have expanded their focus across cost, risk, and revenue impact, with it becoming increasingly crucial for them to deliver top-line, or revenue, impact. To achieve this, GICs can adopt multiple approaches aimed at expanding their parents’ existing business portfolios, adding new products/services, and disrupting business models.

This document will help you identify:

  • Different focus areas impacted through GICs
  • Approaches adopted by GICs to drive revenue impact
  • Case studies highlighting revenue impact delivered by GICs
  • Best practices for GICs to drive revenue impact for their enterprises




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