Sourcing Innovation | Pinnacle Model™ Analysis

14 Oct 2019
by Michel Janssen, Sakshi Garg, Prateek Singh

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The current trifecta of rapidly evolving business demands, technology-led disruption, and focus on outcomes, is raising the stakes for innovation, making it a vital competency in all business functions, including procurement and sourcing. While these technology, process, talent, and organizational changes offer new opportunities for procurement, they also present new risks.

Some enterprise procurement functions have managed innovation-associated opportunities and risks better than others, developing a combination of differentiated capabilities to derive superior outcomes. Everest Group identifies these Pinnacle Enterprises™ by comparing sourcing innovation performance across enterprises using its proprietary Pinnacle Model™ methodology.

In this research, to identify sourcing innovation Pinnacle performance, we examined five key capability areas across the 50 participating enterprises: vision and strategy; technology and digital interventions; process management; talent model; and, organization design and culture. We also evaluated three key types of outcomes: cost impact; operational impact; and, business impact.

The report addresses:

  • Differentiators for Pinnacle Enterprises™
  • Key implications for enterprises
  • How to accelerate your sourcing innovation journey
  • An assessment of capability maturity
  • An assessment of outcomes


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