Decoding the Principles of Modern Software Engineering

8 Aug 2019
by Akshat Vaid, Mayank Maria

Enterprises are driving software-led transformation across products, services, and internal operations. Be it delivery of a seamless user experience, enhancement of operational efficiencies, or introduction of new features in their offerings, the role of software in enabling enterprise innovation and transformation is more pronounced today.

As software proliferation grows across industries, enterprises are increasingly realizing the need to shorten the software development life cycle and make it a more iterative process. They also need to create customizable and scalable offerings in line with the evolving customer expectations around personalization, connectivity, and security. Enterprises can address these objectives by integrating modern engineering principles into their software engineering efforts. In this whitepaper, we discuss these principles and the changes in software architecture, engineering practices, and technologies they necessitate. We also measure enterprise adoption and understand the challenges associated with adopting these principles. Finally, we assess how leading service providers are collaborating with enterprises and helping them create modular and scalable software in shorter development life cycles.


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