Advanced Content Intelligence - Pivotal Technology to Empower the New Age Organization

29 May 2019
by Sarah Burnett, Anil Vijayan, Harpreet Kaur Makan

While the opportunity to adopt Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has captured the attention of many organizations as they compete in the digital-first world, there is a distinct shift among forward-looking enterprises toward intelligent automation. Today, the focus has moved beyond automating projects with only transactional processes, to automating projects that include more judgment-oriented tasks. This movement along the continuum of automation technologies maps a clear shift from adoption of pure RPA technology to RPA combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI matures, more productized solutions – including Advanced Content Intelligence (ACI) – are emerging in the market.

This report provides an understanding of the emerging technology and how ACI blends the power of AI technologies to enable organizations to build a smart digital workforce with cognitive capabilities such as Machine Learning (ML), computer vision, text analytics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It talks about capabilities of AI-powered ACI solution and how it offers the ability to capture, classify, categorize, extract, process, or understand information from unstructured data sources and feed the output into downstream applications or other processes. The paper explores the benefits that enterprises stand to gain as ACI helps organizations contextually understand customer communications in real-time, gain insights into customer satisfaction levels by analyzing the sentiment in their interactions to provide better customer service.

This paper addresses the following topics:

  • Evolution of AI technologies and introduction to ACI
  • Key factors driving the growth of ACI technology
  • ACI solution capabilities and how they compare with traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Content Intelligence (CI) solutions
  • Business benefits gained through ACI
  • The role of ACI in the growth of cognitive automation
  • Challenges to ACI solutions’ adoption
  • Key considerations for enterprises to successfully adopt ACI technology


Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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