Intelligent Automation: Accelerating from Short-term Wins to Long-term Strategic Business Outcomes

22 Mar 2019
by Sarah Burnett, Anil Vijayan

Automation-led business transformation has been the top objective of many enterprises over the past year. Successful automation initiatives have diminished uncertainties and concerns about automation’s potential to deliver tangible business benefits, as most enterprises that have embraced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions have achieved tactical business benefits such as cost reduction and operational efficiency within a short period of time.

Automation technologies powering RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are, on one hand, becoming increasingly sophisticated and, on the other, easily accessible to enterprises. The fast-growing automation market has created significant excitement around the immediate cost reduction that these solutions can provide; as a result, enterprises tend to identify and prioritize cost savings as the primary objective of their automation initiatives. However, this strategy can result in myopic focus and siloed implementation approach, which may significantly limit the potential of automation to deliver strategic benefits beyond immediate cost reduction.

To build sustainable competitive advantage, it is essential that enterprises adopt a long-term strategy to implement intelligent automation solutions that combine both RPA and AI capabilities. Drawing insights from Everest Group’s research and interactions with market stakeholders, this study addresses the following persistent questions in the market:

  • What are the key drivers of automation adoption among enterprises?
  • What is the current maturity of automation adoption? What are the challenges and the future outlook?
  • How can enterprises successfully combine RPA, AI, and other complementary capabilities to enable digital transformation?
  • What challenges do enterprises typically face when adopting integrated intelligent automation solutions?
  • What key considerations do enterprises need to keep in mind when devising their long-term intelligent automation strategy?


Service Optimization Technologies (SOT)


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