Process Mining – The New Juggernaut Driving Digital Transformation

8 Mar 2019
by Sarah Burnett, Anil Vijayan, Harpreet Kaur Makan


For decades, organizations have focused on efficiency, leveraging process optimization techniques to achieve it. Today, the focus has moved beyond efficiency to business value generation, and it is with business value in mind that leading organizations frequently review their performance to identify opportunities for change and improvement. Process automation, using technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is driving the need for process reviews and optimization, in turn fueling demand for process intelligence and insights. Unsurprisingly, more and more organizations are increasingly turning to a related yet different process intelligence technology, called Process Mining (PM).

This report explores the PM technique and how it offers an analytical approach to understanding business processes. It covers the two approaches to process mining: classical process mining and process discovery using RPA/RDA recording. It also talks about how process automation is driving the need for process reviews and optimization, fueling demand for process intelligence and insights. The paper explores the benefits that enterprises can gain from the process intelligence insights acquired using process mining.

This paper addresses the following topics:

  • Introduction to process mining and discovery, referred to jointly as process mining, and the value that they can deliver
  • Key use cases of process mining and examples of applications across industries and processes
  • Process mining vendor landscape and partner ecosystem
  • Process mining as a discovery tool for RPA
  • Best practices for harnessing the potential of process intelligence

Page Count: 13