2019 Locations Predictions: Follow the Talent

13 Feb 2019
by Anurag Srivastava, Parul Jain

Global service delivery strategy is expected to change radically, driven by evolving market dynamics, cost and margin pressures, and environmental constraints. Increasingly, players have started to prepare location-based strategies to drive enterprise-wide transformation. However, a common pitfall for many is to make decisions on their locations portfolios without first having an all-inclusive design/blueprint. Thus, while location-based decisions may help firms meet short-term demands, they invariably create unwieldy and disjointed portfolios, with redundancies and a lack of clarity in the role of locations.

This viewpoint recommends organizations embed intentional design principles in their location strategies, encompassing scope, drivers, planning, and stakeholders. Additionally, we offer predictions on overall and location-specific services delivery, upon which organizations can anchor their transformation agendas.

This viewpoint will help you determine:

  • Key design principles to drive enterprise-wide service delivery transformation
  • Overall locations strategy predictions
  • Location-specific forecasts
  • Key risks to watch out for when transforming delivery strategy
  • Next-wave locations expected to gain prominence



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