Redefining the Future of Work – Human Plus Technology

16 Jan 2019
by Prashray Kala

The unprecedented level of technological advancements has already started making massive inroads into the global service delivery construct. While there is no denial of the fact that redistribution of work between humans and technology will lead to a redefined business ecosystem with higher financial growth and greater productivity, the apprehensions about of future of human workforce are also gaining prevalence. These include the fear of a negative impact on human employment and the concern whether the technologies will eat into the share of jobs that have been explicitly delivered by humans so far.

This viewpoint aims to establish that the future of services delivery will be centered around redefinition, and NOT the elimination of human work. It highlights how the role of both humans and technologies will be transformed and work will be redistributed in accordance to the capability and the skill-level of both. This will enable an evolved workplace where both humans and technologies will work together to deliver superior value –one which cannot be achieved by either of the two working alone.

The topics covered in the viewpoint include:

  • Outline of the existing scenario vis-a-vis technological advancements and apprehensions about human jobs
  • Overview of the unique capabilities of both humans and technologies
  • Expected redefinition of the work between humans, technologies, and both of these together
  • Deep dive into the future equation of work in two key use cases
  • Key implications for market players


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