Talent Handbook for Language Skills: Answering the Calls for a Global Marketplace

20 Nov 2019
by Parul Jain, Kunal Anand, Pagalam Rajeshwaran

With more organizations expanding globally, having a multi-lingual workforce has become a critical success factor. While English is widely regarded as the lingua franca of business, global companies undoubtedly enjoy richer, more productive conversations across borders when they operate in multiple languages. Players need to equip themselves to meet the communication challenges of a global marketplace as they prepare to penetrate new markets and/or solidify their foothold in existing ones.


This Everest Group handbook helps market players in selecting the most suitable locations for their language related needs. It highlights the relative attractiveness of key global locations for different languages based on a comprehensive assessment of 20+ parameters, grouped under two broad categories: Enablers and Language Talent Pulse.

  • Enablers: Assesses 10+ language-agnostic drivers essential for service delivery, grouped into three clusters
    • Infrastructure
    • Talent potential
    • Business environment
  • Language Talent Pulse: Assesses language proficiency for service delivery in terms of:
    • Adoption maturity
    • Competitive intensity
    • Financial feasibility


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