Industry Insights – Retail and CPG

14 Jun 2019
by Bharath M, Ritika Dhingra, Sana Jamal

The Global Sourcing Adoption Trends reports are new additions to our flagship Market Vista™ offering. These are unique reports that cover enterprise-specific view of global sourcing adoption and maturity, specific to key sectors.

This document is the fourth in our series of such enterprise-specific reports and is focused on retail and CPG market. The report reflects the benchmarks and trends specific to all the leading North America- and Europe-based retail and CPG markets majors as well as leading service providers in this sector. This report will be useful for retail and CPG firms, their GICs, as well as service providers as part of their ongoing initiatives to assess sector-specific benchmarks and insights.


  • Key drivers of global sourcing adoption in retail and CPG markets
  • Global sourcing maturity across key functions – these include retail and CPG market operations, IT-ADM & infrastructure, corporate functions (F&A, risk & compliance, and HR), and digital services (analytics, mobility, automation, social, cloud, cybersecurity, and augmented reality / visual reality)
  • Offshore penetration and sourcing mix across key functions – retail and CPG market operations, IT services (ADM and infrastructure), corporate functions, and digital functions
  • Adoption of digital services (automation, analytics, cloud, blockchain, and AR / VR) in retail and CPG
  • Leading offshore locations leveraged for service delivery
  • Key trends for global sourcing in retail and CPG industry


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