BigTech Battle: Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Assessment – Rise of the Digital Experience Platform

28 Jun 2019
by Yugal Joshi, Nitish Mittal, Arushi Pandey

With the dissemination of digital technology, the entire economy has changed drastically. As multichannel marketing, virtual assistants, and social commerce replace the traditional customer contact centers and newspaper advertisements, enterprises are investing significantly to digitally drive the experience they deliver. A superior Digital Experience (DX) starts from catering to the most basic functionalities, such as data management, and goes up to managing brand perception of an enterprise.

Enterprises are investing in a range of solutions such as Customer Relationship management platform, campaign management tools, and data management platforms for enabling different aspects of DX. Taking this approach, they end up with a suite of fragmented solutions that are not interoperable. Enterprises should invest in Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which is a comprehensive suite of solutions enabling them to deliver a content-rich, seamless, and stakeholder-driven DX, encompassing all digital touch points.

In this research, we have demystified DXPs and analyzed 12 DXP platform providers, primarily focusing on their vision, capabilities, investments, and the impact they have created in the market. We have identified five providers as the leaders in this area, through the breadth of their core and ancillary services.


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