Application Automation Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment and Market Trends 2019: AI Alone Won’t Help – Align Strategy to Realize Benefits

4 Mar 2019
by Yugal Joshi, Alisha Mittal, Ankit Gupta, Suseel Menon

Automation has been a strong warrior for enterprises to fight against cost and SLAs pressures. In recent years, focused automation investments and AI-led adoption of complex use-cases have encouraged enterprises to deploy automation for business-oriented outcomes, helping enterprises drive better customer experience, and eventually graduating into accelerated time-to-market and competitive advantage. However, enterprises need to adopt automation for broader scope as development-focused automation engagements still hover around 20% of the overall engagements. Also, automation must be sought actively, rather than achieving it as a by-product – true for more than 90% of the engagements. Top-down approach and higher collaboration across business units should act as key drivers to realize maximum potential benefits of advanced automation. To help enterprises achieve significant business impact through automation, service providers also need to “ECHO” enterprise aspirations and guide them through the current state to the desired state in a sequential, yet effective manner. Service providers are expected to be more proactive in identifying opportunities and propose customized solutions as per enterprises’ technology landscape. With the evolution of AI, as the opportunity and the potential of automation rises, integration with legacy technology becomes more challenging, and the overall transformation exercise becomes too heavy for enterprises, hence, service providers need to come up with self-funding mechanisms or new financial models to boost enterprise confidence and help them realize benefits.

In this research, we present an assessment and detailed profiles of 19 application automation service providers featured on the application automation services PEAK Matrix. Each service provider profile provides a comprehensive picture of its service focus, key Intellectual Property (IP) / solutions, domain investments, as well as two case studies. The assessment is based on Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2018, interactions with leading application automation services providers, client reference checks, and an analysis of the application automation services market.

This report will cover the following:

  • Application automation services market update
  • Imperatives for enterprises and service providers
  • PEAK Matrix assessment of application automation services providers
  • Profiles of 19 application automation service providers


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