Exploring Private Cloud for the Digital Age

29 Nov 2019
by Ashwin Venkatesan, Bharath Reddy

The increasing sophistication of enterprise digital journeys has led to a shift in organizations’ expectations from cloud. Enterprises are now focusing on achieving comprehensive business value, rather than cost efficiencies, through cloud adoption.

Along with public cloud, private cloud is a key component of enterprises’ transformation agenda. Private cloud for the digital age is driven by software-defined stacks, containers, maturing cloud management platforms, and enterprises’ need for flexible performance and low latency for specific application architectures.

Consequently, current private cloud offerings are moving beyond addressing latency and security concerns to providing public cloud-like experience, agility, return on investment, and service breadth.

However, to achieve sustainable business value from private cloud, enterprise focus needs to shift from a cost-/risk-based approach to a comprehensive value-based approach that enables easy integration of innovation, centralized control, industry-specific value, flexibility of choice, and assured business outcomes.

In this report, we:

  • Examine the relevance and adoption of private cloud in the digital age
  • Identify the key enterprise drivers of private cloud adoption
  • Explore private cloud adoption across workloads based on top enterprise considerations
  • Establish the private cloud blueprint for a digitalization underpinned by a value-driven framework for private cloud adoption
  • Identify key features of private/hybrid cloud architecture based on the framework
  • Provide a service provider checklist to enable enterprise outsourcing decisions for private cloud


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