Exploring the Enterprise Journey Towards “Invisible” IT Infrastructure

31 Oct 2019
by Chirajeet Sengupta, Yugal Joshi, Ashwin Venkatesan, Titus M

About 85% of enterprises believe that IT infrastructure is the bedrock of business transformation initiatives. However, most enterprises believe that their current IT infrastructure services model is not ready to cater to their digital needs. Digital enterprises need to consider a new model for IT infrastructure – Infrastructure 3.0, where the focus of IT infrastructure management is on improving business metrics instead of pre-defined IT SLAs and TCO management. Infrastructure services need to be underpinned by AI, analytics, and automation to drive self-healing/self-configuring systems that can dynamically and autonomously adapt to changing business needs, thus creating an “invisible” infrastructure model that is highly secure and requires minimal oversight.

This research provides fact-based trends impacting the cloud and infrastructure services market. It analyzes multiple aspects such as overall cloud and infrastructure service market size, leading players, deal sizes, deal durations, and pricing. Buyers will gain by understanding these trends and evolving their sourcing portfolio accordingly. Service providers will benefit by aligning their strategy to cater to these trends.

Scope of the analysis

  • IT services market size (split across applications, consulting, infrastructure service, geography, and industry verticals)
  • Market share of leading IT service providers in applications, consulting, and infrastructure services
  • IS buyer adoption trends across geography, industry verticals, and revenue size
  • Key trends shaping the cloud and IS market (Exploring the concept of “Invisible IT Infrastructure”)
  • Outlook for 2019-2020


This annual research deep dives into the cloud and IS landscape. It provides data-driven facts and perspectives on the overall market. The research covers cloud and IS adoption trends, demand drivers, and buyer expectations. The research analyses buyer challenges, trends shaping the market, and provides an outlook for 2019-2020 for the broader IT as well as cloud and IS market.

For example, the section on “IS Deal trends” analyses the following:

  • Deal size and duration
  • Scope of services
  • Pricing trends
  • Anti-incumbency and new vs. renewal trends
  • Buyer adoption by industry and size
  • Buyer adoption by geography


Cloud & Infrastructure Services


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