What Do The RPO Buyers Seek? Are They Satisfied?

4 Jan 2019
by Arkadev Basak, Vishal Gupta, Ankaj Mohindroo, Snigdha Kakkar

This report provides insights into the key factors driving RPO adoption among buyers as well as an overview of buyers’ perception of the service provider performance. It also discusses the shortcomings that the buyers perceive in the current service providers' offerings.

The analysis in this report is broken into three areas:

  • Key factors driving RPO adoption among buyers
  • RPO service provider performance
  • Evolving buyer requirements

Some of the key findings are:

  • RPO buyers are expecting greater value-added innovation from their service providers. In particular, buyers focus on innovation and proactiveness versus to traditional metrics
  • Service providers seem unable to innovate fast enough to keep pace with  rising buyer expectations and meet demand for next-generation drivers
  • Buyer behavior also varies significantly by enterprise size, which means that providers have to be flexible in understanding and meeting buyer expectations 


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


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