Managed Service Provider (MSP): A Peek into the Buyer’s Mind – Making Contingent Workforce Management Future-Ready and Digital Outlook are the Cue to Buyer Satisfaction

29 Mar 2019
by Vishal Gupta, Priyanka Mitra, Rhea Nijhawan

This report aims to provide an insight into the key factors driving MSP adoption among buyers, in addition to providing an overview of the buyers’ perception of aggregate service provider performance.

The analysis in this report is presented at four levels:

  • Key factors driving MSP adoption among buyers
  • MSP provider performance
  • Evolving buyer requirements
  • Myths observed by the industry vs. the actual reality

Some of the key findings are

  • While traditional drivers continue to be the key reason for MSP adoption, drivers such as gaining access to next-generation tools & technology, data-driven insights for better spend visibility, and making their contingent talent strategy future-ready are more prominent among buyers
  • The overall service provider performance has resulted in moderate-to-low satisfaction due to challenging buyer requirements
  • In order to deliver enhanced performance, service providers need to invest in and develop more proactive and innovative solutions to meet cutting-edge needs
  • Buyers are increasingly looking toward MSPs to provide a complete solution platform for different needs
  • Buyer requirements are on the rise around Statement of Work (SOW) / service procurement, total talent management, and digital tools (primarily analytics and automation)
  • Service providers are innovative and proactive
  • Cost reduction is the most important driver for MSP adoption
  • Service providers have high level of technological capability and advancement


Managed Service Provider (MSP)


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