Alight Solutions to Acquire NGA HR – A Global HR, Benefits, and Payroll Giant in the Making

29 Aug 2019
by Rajesh Ranjan, Anil Vijayan, Sharath Hari N, Ravjot Sachdeva

Alight Solutions, a leader in technology-enabled health, wealth, and Human Capital Management (HCM) and financial management solutions, recently announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire NGA Human Resources, a leading provider of digital HR and multi-country payroll services.

While Alight has a strong North America presence, this acquisition propels its international presence, enabling it to become the only truly global service provider to offer transactional HR services – core HR, benefits, and multi-country payroll services – on its own. The consolidation will have significant implications for various industry stakeholders, primarily on Alight’s competitors, given that NGA HR is among the top HR & payroll service providers globally.

This viewpoint touches upon some of the possible triggers that led to the acquisition, along with certain aspects the two players need to be wary of, to ensure they can reap the consolidation’s full benefits. We also evaluate what this acquisition means for the industry at large – both enterprises and service providers.

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